Coursework for speech pathologist

Completion of 25 observation hours Psychometric principles and practices in the assessment of populations with communication impairments will be studied.

Statistics for the Health Sciences. SLP Fluency This course provides a comprehensive study of fluency and fluency disorders. This course is designed to provide students with the foundations of grammatical analysis necessary to assess language disorders and the tools to become proficient at writing professional goals and objectives, clinical and scientific reports.

Professional Ethics and Issues This seminar will allow students to explore issues relevant to the current practice of Speech-Language Pathology. These include the respiratory, laryngeal, articulatory and auditory systems. Requires major GPA 3.

CEUs for Speech Language Pathologists.

The program prepares students for employment in medical, rehabilitation, private practice, educational, and community settings. Failure to purchase your textbook by the first class meeting will likely lead to a penalty on a course assignment.

Students become familiar with standardized and non-standardized tests. Supervised Clinical Experience As part of the education requirements, the student will also have to complete hours of supervised clinical experience.

Registration for non-degree seeking students is typically the Friday before the start of the semester. The student pursues a pre-approved topic with a mentor within the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders with expertise in the area specified.

At least one semester must be devoted to full-time study and all degree requirements must be completed within five years after initial matriculation in the program.

Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.)

All students are liable for tuition and fees for any courses remaining on their schedules after the fourth day of class. Also, please be aware that students must purchase the course textbook prior to the first day of class information on the textbooks will be contained in the aforementioned email.

Introduction to PSY The applicant must demonstrate knowledge of basic human communication and swallowing processes, including their biological, neurological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, and linguistic and cultural bases.

Evaluation of test results as well as types and causes of hearing problems will be discussed. Each course is 4 graduate credit hours. Travel therapists are obligated for thirteen-week assignments, guaranteed forty hour work weeks, and are exposed to different client populations. Students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to use instrumentation during intervention.

Related acoustic, anatomical and physiological and linguistic factors are considered along with broad and narrow transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet IPA Credits: Issues regarding communication and quality of life will be discussed.

Course content includes a review of articulatory phonetics and the rule-governed system s underlying phonological development. Field experience may be required. To work as a speech-language pathologist, a Master’s degree and clinical certification by ASHA are required.

If you are interested in applying for an SLP Master’s degree program, but have a Bachelor’s degree in another field, a series of prerequisite, undergraduate SLP courses, as well as five courses in the basic sciences, are necessary.

Speech Language Pathology Assistant. Elms Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) degrees or certificate are school focused, preparing you to assist speech-language pathologists with improving children’s ability to learn, read, write, and communicate with others in the classroom.

This course details the vital role of the speech pathologist in preventing medical errors. It will review an array of SLP clinical situations leading to potential medical errors.

The program is designed specifically for students with undergraduate degrees in other fields, or for students who lack one or more required courses for entry to a graduate program.

Completion of prerequisite courses prepares these students to apply to graduate studies in speech-language pathology.

GRADUATE CURRICULUM. The graduate program in Speech Language Pathology is 60 course credits in total. Following are the required courses to complete the graduate program in Speech Language Pathology effective Fall WKU reserves the right to modify these requirements as necessary.

Academics Schools Rangos School of Health Sciences Academic Programs Speech-Language Pathology Academic Programs Coursework. A A Email Print Share Coursework. Course descriptions for all departmental courses may be found in the University Catalog.

Curriculum for the 5-year entry-level Master's Degree. Our Educational Model. The Clinical.

Coursework for speech pathologist
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